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Who We Are

Peniel Software Solutions Limited (RC 775421) was registered in 2008 as a subsidiary of PenielBiz World (RC 1133983), a company registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. We have been in the business of software solutions development for more than six years now and have a well experienced and versatile team that we are proud to say is capable of responding to any need and challenge anytime.

In our type of business, speed and accuracy is key, and this is one virtue our team has developed over time. Friendliness and fun is not left out as our workplace is rather informal. We let employees express their creativity in ways that suits them - provided it works for the good of the client.

Business Automation

Business process automation is the technology-enabled automation of business processes. Our Software solutions perform this to achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery and contain costs.

Web Applications

Our Web applications interact with your customers or clients from the comfort of their homes, giving them the same satisfaction they would have had had they been present physically. It ranges office web applications to shopping web applications

System Sales

These group of software solutions manages your product or sevice sale, they include:

Office Networking

Communication within an organisation is very vital. We have tools that make your office the perfect networking and collaboration space for maximum innovation and creativity


We offer high quality, full-stack custom software development services, tailored to your specific need.


RM 216, 2nd Floor, e-library Building
IBB Way, Uyo
Akwa Ibom State
Nigeria (West Africa)

Phone: +234 7031985563